Coco’s Cantina

26 May

If you’re a regular at Coco’s, lucky you – it’s the kind of place I’d enjoy weekly if I didn’t have kiddos. And if you haven’t been, do so; the hype around this place is deserved. Damaris & Renee Coulter have created a haven of hospitality, great food and good times betwixt the pokie bars and bottle shops of KRd.
On a recent visit we enjoyed a late dinner of crispy coated calamari (perfectly seasoned and not greasy in the slightest) followed by scotch fillet for him and pork belly for me. Coco’s knows damn well how to cook a steak, and the accompanying anchovy butter managed to not be too salty, but rather just the right umami note to make the steak sing. The slow roasted pork belly was perfection itself, but most delicious to me was the red cabbage beneath it, still slightly crisp and moreishly sour.
I had the Millton chardonnay with my pork and he had a pinot noir and my only wee gripe is that I’d like to see a variety of stemware used, appropriate to the wines.
Portions are generous and, combined with the tick tock of the babysitting clock, it meant we didn’t do dessert this time, but the lovely Damaris talked us into a limoncello before we stepped out into the wet, windy night.


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